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South Africa president, Ramaphosa called out for shaking the hands of whites only

South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has been called out for displaying subtle racial favouritism.

This has come to the fore after he ignored, or, in other words, refused, a handshake with his own black people.

In a video that has generated social media angst, Mr. Ramaphosa only shook hands with the white folks when she was welcomed at the airport.

He did go on to skip exchanging pleasantries with the African officials who had gathered to welcome him; he only raised his hands up and waved.

When he got to other white folks, he did not hesitate to gladly shake their hands and engage in chitchat.

On the back of the obvious display of racial favouritism, many are calling President Cyril Ramaphosa out for disregarding the Black folks which he is genetically and biologically part of.

“He does not even respect his own people” one angry woman retorted.

‘We are still colonialism” another wrote.

One angry netizen wrote: “until Blacks start to respect themselves, nobody is gonna respect us.”

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