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Hospitalised Man Leaves Hospital Bed, Pursues Girlfriend Who’s checking His Phone (VIDEO)

An interesting scene ensued in a hospital when a sick man came down from his hospital bed and gave a lady a hot chase so as to retrieve his phone.

In the trending video, the lady on the run is strongly believed to be the man’s partner and may not have wanted her to go with the said phone, but this could not be confirmed.

What got many people talking is the fact that the man was actually hospitalised but had to come out to pursue the young lady

Many people are wondering why the lady grabbed the phone and made away with it and also why the man is so bent on retrieving it.

However, he did not mind that he was wearing a hospital dress as he rushed out of the medical facility to pursue the young woman in the video posted by @denieljean56.

A nurse was seen running after the man and trying to get him back to the hospital all to no avail as he very much wanted to retrieve his phone from the woman who he referred to as Lisa.

Watch the video below:

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