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“I will strip naked if Raila loses presidency” Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi

Exiled Ugandan Human Rights activist, Stella Nyanzi has threatened to remain naked if Raila loses to William Ruto in the August 9th Presidential poll.

Nyanzi who declared her support for Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga, stated that she would remain naked in protest of he fails to clinch the presidency.

“Tell me, my people in Kenya, is it good news for me who is supporting Baba Raila Odinga or has that hustler William Samoei Ruto stolen my joy? Must we now wait for the RE-RUN?” she stated.

She added: “Eeeh Mungu nguvu yetu! If Baba Raila loses the election, I swear to God I will remain naked in protest on this nude beach until the next elections….”

While wishing Kenyans peaceful elections, the controversial activist recently posted on her social media account explaining why she would want a Raila Odinga presidency unlike his closest competitor, William Ruto.

“This morning I pray for my brothers and sisters in Kenya who are voting for a new president! I pray for safety of their lives, property and the ballot. I pray for peace to reign over my country of refuge.” she stated.

She added: “I pray for Baba Raila Odinga and Mama Martha Karua to win. May William Samoei Ruto who is supported by dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni lose this election in a big way. Amen!”

Her statement elicited mixed reactions, especially to her Kenyan followers.

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