Twerking ladies barbershops : Men react to new trend in Nairobi

A new trend in Nairobi has seen barbershops going to extreme measures to attract new clients.

Numerous establishments around the city have employed women whose sole aim is to entertain men as they get haircuts.

They do this by dancing suggestively for them as they are attended to. One of the most famous establishments is run by a lady named Frida Mwende and is located at Kamakis.

Mwende, whose barbershop only serves men, recently shared a video twerking for a client as he received a haircut from a female barber she employs.

The move, common among barbershops in the US, has elicited debate online. Kenyan men expressed varying opinions about women suggestively dancing for men in kinyozis.

Man’s chamber barbers and spa located along the Eastern bypass at Kamakis has been the talk of the nation ever since the owner Frida Mwende alias Mwende Frey advertised services offered.

Mwende Frey and her all-female staff twerk provocatively and thirst trap male clients at her barbershop, some claim it’s a brothel.

The 27-year-old single mother has come under attack from insecure women who have been tormenting and accusing her and her all-female staff of wrecking relationships.

Mwende recently lamented that a woman looking for her husband stormed her barbershop and caused drama.

“We have had wives texting our WhatsApp number pretending to be men. They want to establish what happens at our premises. A woman came here asking whether her husband was at our premises. She even showed us his photos,” said Mwende.

She added that;

“We do not do prostitution. The entire team comprises professionals, so we know how to handle customers in a friendly but professional manner.”

With her newfound fame, Mwende also faced hateful comments from some netizens, prompting her to delete her Instagram photos.

“On that day, I woke up and found very mean texts. People were saying my business would fail in a year. Some started insulating me in the comments section of my family’s photos prompting me to pull them down,” said Mwende.

She added that;

“I remembered that politicians are also insulted every day, but they find a reason to keep trying. Waking up at 3am to meditate, pray, read a little and fill myself with positive energy. Furthermore, money does not care about insults.”

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