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Mystery of MPESA Woman attendant who declined hefty cash by Kamiti Terror Escapees to register Sim Card

The three jailbirds; Musharaf Abdalla alias Alex Shikanda (34), Joseph Juma Odhiambo (30) and Mohammed Ali Abikar (35). PHOTO| COURTESY

NAIROBI: The three terror convicts:Musharaf Abdalla alias Alex Shikanda (34), Joseph Juma Odhiambo (30) and Mohammed Ali Abikar (35) who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison on Monday morning were arrested on Thursday in Enzio forest in Mwingi East, Kitui County.

The three were arrested following a tip-off from the public and are believed to have been heading to Somalia.

They escaped from the highly guarded prison after dislodging a brick on the wall of their cell

As investigations into how the three terror convicts made their daring escape from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison intensify, DCI detectives have gathered crucial details into how the three who have since been arrested attempted to establish contact with their counterparts in the underworld.

According to the sleuths, immediately after their arrival in Machakos, the convicts had refreshed, taken breakfast and bought caps to conceal their faces, in readiness for the rest of their journey.

They had also bought two mobile phones and were attempting to register SIM cards, when the actions of a selfless, patriotic shop attendant jeopardized their devilish plans and saved the country immeasurably.

Two damaged mobile phones recovered from near the scene where three escaped terrorists were arrested hold the key to how they planned Kamiti jailbreak.

This includes information on how the terrorists got money to enable their movements from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison to Kamuluyuni village in Kitui county.

The mobile phones data will also tell how Musharraf Abdalla, Joseph Juma Odhiambo and Mohammed Ali Abikar moved from the city.

The three jailbirds; Musharaf Abdalla alias Alex Shikanda (34), Joseph Juma Odhiambo (30) and Mohammed Ali Abikar (35). PHOTO| COURTESY

The convicts who did not have Identity Cards had prevailed upon a shop attendant to sell and register them SIM cards, but the adamant shop attendant would hear none of it.

“They pleaded with the attendant to facilitate them at a fee but the attendant was adamant that unless they produced their national identification documents, then no help would come their way.” said the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI)

Reports suggest they had “a lot” money before they were captured on Thursday as they sought direction to Boni Forest, Lamu county.

And police believe the three were in communication with unknown men who were waiting to pick them up in Masalani, a few kilometers away from where they were caught.

DCI added: ‘It is the simple actions of the shop attendant that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations celebrates tonight. The attendant’s refusal to make illegal and illegitimate profit saved the country in a big way.’

The Detectives praised the unidentified woman for her patriotic decision would later save the country from an impending terror attack.

“The decision to do what is right regardless of the incentive being offered not only demonstrated the attendant’s steadfastness but also his fidelity to the law even when nobody was watching.” they said

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations urged all Kenyans emulate her no matter how sweet the deal may be.
” To the shop attendant in Machakos who chose to do what is right instead of making quick profit, we celebrate you!” they reiterated further.

On Monday, November 22, The National Police Service said the government will honour its pledge on the cash reward offer to the people who helped in the recapture of the three terror convicts who had escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison.

In a statement from the office of the Inspector General, police spokesperson Bruno Shioso said those to be rewarded will be subjected to a verification process to ensure the reward goes to deserving recipients.

On Monday, November 17, 2021, the government announced a cash reward of Sh20 million for information that would lead to the recapture of each escapee.

“The government acknowledges that the rearrests of the suspects were made possible with the support from members of the public. Indeed, the accounts of several people who separately claim to have played a role in the capture have been reported extensively in the media,” read the statement.

The statement also noted that the security nature of the incident and the risk of harm to those who genuinely aided the capture of the high-value trio may militate against full public disclosure of the eventual beneficiaries of the cash award.


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